cryo lipo - non-invasive liposuction


Rainforest Spa is the first and only provider in Ireland of two of the world’s leading non-surgical fat removal technologies. Nowadays, with advances in aesthetic technology, we have the possibility of dramatically improving our appearance without the need for invasive surgery.

Rainforest is Ireland’s only provider of the innovative Cryo Lipocontrast technology seen in many Harley Street London clinics. We also boast 3D LIPO technology. With these two technologies paired, we offer you the most advanced non-surgical liposuction treatments available.

Areas that can be treated on men & women are: tummy; inner + outer thighs; love handles; back; arms; chin; bum lift; waist enhancement plus cellulite and stretch mark treatment.

Rainforest is located in Enniskerry - 30 minutes south of Dublin and easily accessible off the M50.


WHAT IS cryo lipo?

Traditional liposuction is a form of invasive cosmetic surgery that removes fat from the body in an attempt to change its shape. 3D Lipo + Lipocontrast are a revolutionary non-surgical approach to fat removal that:

  • Eradicate up to 40% of fat cells in just one treatment. Or 100% of treated fat cells in 3 treatments.

  • Completely destroys fat cells which are excreted naturally by the body.

  • Produces inch loss from the first treatment.

  • Dramatically reduces cellulite.

  • Unlike other technologies, Rainforest offers Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments alongside your Cryo Lipo that simultaneously tightens your skin.


STEP 1: Consult

Contact us now to arrange a no obligation phone or in-person consultation. During this consultation we will determine if you are an eligible candidate for this treatment.

You then outline the areas of your body you would like to improve and we will explain the technology to you.


STEP 2: Your Plan

During your consult, we will outline a treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

You can opt for a once-off treatment or a course of treatments. The more treatments you opt for, the more dramatic the results.

Courses are payable in instalments.


STEP 3: Your Results

We measure your progress at each session and update you on your results.

You can expect to see inch loss within 2-4 weeks of your first treatment as your body excretes the destroyed fat cells naturally.

Our clients have seen dramatic results - loses of several inches per treatment course.




Payable in instalments

  • Body Consultation
  • One Area
  • 3 x Double Lipocontrast Cups
  • 1 x Skin TIghtening/Cellulite Treatment



Payable in instalments - Save €150

  • Body Consultation
  • Two Areas
  • 6 x Double Lipocontrast Cups
  • 2 x Skin TIghtening/Cellulite Treatment



Payable in instalments - €350

  • Body Consultation
  • Four Areas
  • 12 x Double Lipocontrast Cups
  • 4 x Skin TIghtening/Cellulite Treatment
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how does non-invasivE liposuction work?

We offer two approaches to non-invasive liposuction - both approaches result in the permanent destruction of fat cells which your body excretes naturally through your liver. The treatments are pain-free with no downtime. The first approach is Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) where your subcutaneous fat is painlessly lowered to a temperature of -6 degrees and intermittently heated which breaks down and destroys the fat cells. The second approach is a combination of Cavitation (Ultrasound) and Radio Frequency (Fat Melting) which also disrupts and destroys your fat cells painlessly. Your body does not reproduce fat cells once you reach adulthood so you will not ‘regrow’ the fat cells.

how many treatments will I need?

Treatments are performed as part of a course (course options outlined below) depending on the area you wish to have treated. At your consult, we will be able to determine the size of the areas you wish to treat and recommend the best treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

how soon will i see results?

Inch loss is visible instantly after a Fat Melting treatment (Cavitation/Radio Frequency) and results via Cryolipolysis are visible within 2-4 weeks.

is it safe?

Cryo Lipo, being a non-invasive treatment, is a much safter alternative to traditional surgical liposuction which can carry the risk of uneven skin and scarring

Who is NOT eligible for Cryo Liposuction?

Women who are pregnant; breastfeeding and up to 16 weeks postpartum. Anyone who has a history of cancer; has a pacemaker; high blood pressure. To see if you are eligible for this treatment, fill out the form below and we will contact you or call us now on 012748080.

how much does it cost?

During your no obligation consultation we will outline the cost for the areas you wish to have treated. You can expect to pay less than traditional liposuction which costs in the region of €4,500 for one area. The most popular Course of Treatments we provide (treating two areas e.g. tummy and thighs) costs 2,250. A total body transformation Course of 16 treatments (4 areas) costs 4,450. Courses can be paid for in installments and we will tailor a plan to fit your personal desired results and budget. Fill out the form below or call us now on 012748080 where we are available to answer your questions.

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