Ireland's First Certified Cancer Aware Spa


What is Rainforest
Cancer Care?

Rainforest has proudly become the first spa in Ireland to be certified as ‘Cancer Aware’ by global spa directory, Spafinder Wellness 365 and standardizing body Wellness for Cancer USA.

This certifies that the Rainforest is highly-educated in safe holistic cancer care treatments. 


Rainforest Cancer Care treatments - for men and women - are safe holistic therapies and are carried out by expertly trained therapists. Cancer Care treatments are endorsed by the Irish Cancer Society as a beneficial complimentary therapy that go hand-in-hand with - and not a replacement for - conventional medical treatment. 

These treatments are aimed at easing the pain; discomfort and stress of those who are living with the disease and they can be taken before; during or after their programme of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

What are Cancer Care treatments?

Rainforest Cancer Care offers bespoke holistic treatments that are tailored to each client’s exact needs.

Traditionally in Ireland oncology massage is offered to cancer patients in clinical settings such as hospitals; hospices and cancer care support centres.

Unlike clinical settings, clients availing of Rainforest Cancer Care treatments have the opportunity to relax in soothing non-medical surroundings and even spend their time with family & friends who can choose from our regular menu.

Cancer Care clients can opt for an individual One-Hour Bespoke Treatment or we can amend any of our Treatment Bundles or the Rainforest Stay Break

How much does it cost?

If you are or know someone living with cancer and want them to enjoy the benefit of Rainforest Cancer Care treatments, you can purchase a Rainforest Voucher here. Rainforest Vouchers can be used against any of our treatments - including Cancer Care. 

Or, you can make a booking for yourself or someone you know by calling 012748080 or emailing

premium Cancer Care Session

(Allow 75 mins) €90

Benefits of Rainforest Cancer Care treatments

The Irish Cancer Society states:

“Many patients that are stressed either physically or emotionally because of their illness find real benefit from theses therapies and develop an increased sense of well-being and an increased perception of their quality of life.”

General Benefits Prior to Surgery

● deep relaxation

● reduced stress

● improved sleep

● eased constipation

● increased alertness and mental clarity

● reduced anxiety

● less nausea

● reduced pain

Following Surgery

● reduced anxiety in advance of surgery

● easier recovery from anaesthesia

● reduced post-surgical pain

● improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars

● reduced swelling

● improved range of motion

● easier adaptation to implants and expanders

Following Radiation or Chemotherapy

● reduced anxiety in advance of and during treatment

● reduced post-treatment fatigue

● improved appetite

● improved peripheral neuropathy

Emotional Benefits

● decreased anxiety

● decreased depression

● increased feelings of well-being

● being pleasantly distracted

● improved body self-image

● restored hope

● satisfaction in participating actively in a part of the healing process

Who can avail of Rainforest Cancer Care treatments?

Cancer care treatments are for people living with cancer or who have had a history of cancer.

The treatments can be taken during or after medical treatment. Clients do avail of spa cancer care treatment between chemotherapy and radiation sessions (within certain time restrictions) helping ease the side-effects of their traditional treatment.

At Rainforest Cancer Care, we do request prior consent from a GP / Consultant clearing the client for spa cancer care treatments. We request that this is posted / emailed to us at in advance of your first booking and it will be kept on your file for 6 months.