6 Tips to Prevent Burnout



Burnout can happen to anyone and can come when you least expect it - has it ever happened to you? Studies show that almost a quarter of people questioned in the US say they feel burned out at work often or always with 44% feeling burned out sometimes.

It's no joke when it happens so we've got 6 Tips to keep your self care routine in tip top condition to ensure the 'B' word doesn't come knocking on your door.

But first, what exactly is burnout? Burnout is a debilitating tiredness that can come from a little too much of a high-achieving ‘can do’ attitude that is ever so popular at the moment. It is not one of those things that normally hits you suddenly but instead can creep up over time - so best to watch out for the tell tale signs.

According to Psychology Today, symptoms of burnout are being exhausted yet having difficulty sleeping; feeling less positive or driven about things that normally motivate you; forgetfulness; anger; isolation (you don’t feel like socializing) and changes in appetite.

As they say, prevention is better than cure so here are 6 Tips to insure yourself against burnout:

  1. Underplan i.e. put 2-3 productive things on your 'To Do List' max per day. Any more will stress you out if you don't get them done.

  2. Take 'mini breaks' during your day. Use the 'Pomodoro Technique': work for 25 mins without distraction (phones on airplane mode) & break for 5 mins.

  3. Create a Weekly Self Care Treat - anything that you love like massage / yoga / walk on the beach.

  4. Spread your holidays - sounds obvious but plan and book ahead regular breaks throughout the year and try not to leave long gaps in between.

  5. Start saying 'no' to things you don't want to do or that are not essential...and don't feel guilty about it! You are the master of your own free time.

  6. One of the wellness buzz phrases at the moment is a good 'Morning Routine' - but what does that mean? Make your morning work for you to set up your day instead of tumbling out of bed & into autopilot. If you can manage to get a bout of exercise in too, even better. Ours is up at 6.20am; set 2-3 tasks for the day; quick run; shower; kids to school and then breakfast. This doesn't happen every morning as we're great believers in moderation ; ) Habits are created in three weeks so if you persevere your new morning routine will become second nature.

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